Amarin Cafe 20 Years Still Strong With New York Magazine

Reminiscent of many restaurants in Bangkok, Amarin Café is essentially an extension of its noisy kitchen. Chefs maneuver around each other nonstop as they sautée, steam, and fry, and from time to time the kitchen emits a beep or buzz and someone grabs the delivery bags and rushes out the door. The simple space is brightly lit, making the speed of the kitchen and the one-man waitstaff seem all the speedier. Stop for beer or wine on your way because there’s no time to run out after ordering: appetizers arrive mere minutes later. Green papaya salad is a refreshing palate cleanser, and though it’s hard not to get caught up in the rush of activity, slowing down to savor the spicy entrees is advised. The beef with basil is better quality than you’d expect for the price, and the flavors in the shrimp with asparagus and cashews meld together perfectly. So if you’re in the Burg, the authentic cuisine is definitely worth the cafe’s commotion. — Amy Allison